5 Tips To Start Your Career In Human Resources

While technology continues to evolve and positively impact the business landscape, it is still people, not machines, who are every organisation’s most valuable asset.

Faced with a global skills shortage and intense competition for talent, many companies recognise the need for expert support to attract and retain high-quality employees, not to mention foster loyalty and create engagement within the team. This is fuelling a strong, ongoing demand for human resources professionals.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the Human Resources (HR) profession is and how you can successfully kick start your career in this growing industry.


What is HR in business?

HR is a department in a business that is involved in everything to do with internal people. HR professionals essential work to help companies maximise the value of their human capital while looking after their needs and fostering a healthy internal culture. This involves attracting and retaining top talent, motivating workplace teams and helping employees reach their full potential by developing their skills and talents.

These activities all contribute to a company’s success and overall profitability. The ability to add value to an organisation along with the daily diversity of the role can make a career in human resources extremely rewarding.


What is it like to work as a Human Resources professional?

As a Human Resources officer, your main role is to help manage people across a wide range of areas to ensure the well-being of all employees and foster effective workplace relations.

It is estimated that the average human resources salary in Australia is $99,997 per year or $51.28 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $80,848 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $128,725 per year.

Here are some of the day-to-day duties and tasks you can expect to carry out as a HR professional:

  • Providing advice and assistance on HR policies, projects and procedures.
  • Assisting the HR Manager in recruitment activities such as preparing job descriptions, advertising roles and conducting interviews.
  • Overseeing the onboarding of new staff and assisting in the development of onboarding procedures.
  • Preparing reports for the HR Manager and maintaining employee records.
  • Developing training and development programs.
  • Assisting with performance management processes and devising staff remuneration, rewards and recognition and wellbeing programs.
  • Dealing with workplace relations issues such as complaints, conflicts, grievances and misconduct.
  • Coordinating workplace health and safety initiatives.
  • Organising counselling or support for staff members dealing with a workplace accident or personal trauma.
  • Reviewing employment and working conditions to ensure legal compliance.


5 tips for landing a job in the Human Resources industry

If you’re interested in a career in HR, here’s how you can get started:

1. Study a HR degree

Just like many other fields, formal education is a great way to begin. If a university or college offers a human resources program, it will likely include courses focused on organisational theory, legal issues and compliance, performance management, employee development and training and other areas that HR professionals need to understand.

Here are some great universities and institutions in Australia where you can study a degree in Human Resources Management:


2. Gain work experience

Real work experience in HR can really help both yourself and a potential employer. A lot of Not For Profits, student organisations and some companies offer volunteer opportunities to gain some first-hand experience in HR – it’s just about being proactive and finding the right opportunities.

Who knows! A HR internship may end up being a full-time role.

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3. Build a HR network

Working in HR involves working directly with people. So, building a strong network can be really helpful in finding a job and sharpening your skills. You can use professional social media platforms, join various HR organisations and associations and look for others in the human resources field to nurture your network.

Other options for strengthening your network include connecting with other HR professionals who work for companies that are of particular interest to you.

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4. Tailor your resume

Before you apply, update your resume with all of the relevant skills and experience that relate to HR. Even if you do not have direct experience in a human resources position, you can identify and highlight some of the skills you have gained through your other work experience that will make you a top HR candidate.

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5. Continue working on yourself

The most important thing for a HR specialist is to always keep learning. Attending HR-related events and seminars will allow you to gain the know-how from different industry professionals. Asking the right question is vital, as an experienced HR manager can teach you anything from managing a difficult employee to fostering a productive culture.


It pays to be proactive when job hunting for HR roles

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