What and Who We Are.

We are a Job Tech company making an enormous difference in the recruitment industry – for the better

MPLOI is a job tech company connecting business owners to potential candidates with just a scroll and a swipe through our innovative and smart recruitment platform.

We are not a conglomerate or multinational giant. Instead, we collaborate closely alongside our clients to provide an effective, modern smartphone app that will revolutionise the way recruitment is done in Australia.

Find your next dream career or team member
Instant Messaging between employees and employers

We are a recruitment solutions provider made personalised for today’s modern business landscape.

At MPLOI, we provide a revolutionary approach that takes advantage of modern trends to equip businesses with an innovative recruitment solution that adopts intuitive technology right in their hands.

We are a business catering to other business owners.

MPLOI is not made by a giant recruitment tech company that doesn’t care.

Rather, our intuitive platform was made by business owners who have experienced the full spectrum of challenges brought on by traditional recruitment agencies and other online platforms.

We understand the modern workforce.

As business owners ourselves, we also understand that the talent market and the way people apply and search for jobs today has changed, as has the way they use technology to find what they need.

They expect solutions for everything on their smartphone right at their fingertips.

MPLOI onboarding screen
MPLOI onboarding screen

Today’s candidates aren’t found by yesterday’s methods