How a Real Estate Agency Finds the Right Sales Agents

Recruitment Experiences of Wiseberry Enmore, Employing in today’s New Norm

Recruitment has always been a challenge, no matter what industry.

It is one of the most tedious processes for all businesses as the stakes are so high to find the right people. Unfortunately, this challenge is only growing, with the increasing demands from potential employees and the low unemployment rate.

This is why businesses are actively looking for new ways to adapt to these ongoing changes and adopt more innovative methods to speed up the recruitment process while ensuring they find the right match for their business goals.


Let’s hear from Australian business owners directly

To understand how businesses are responding to changes in the Australian employment landscape, we are interviewing business owners and asking them to share real experiences that will help us understand how employment and recruitment work today.

In our previous interview articles, we talked to Clark Estate Agents, the real estate agency that fuelled the creation of MPLOI and the Sydney Copywriting team, Melotti Media, about their actual employment struggles.

For this blog, we sat down with Wiseberry Enmore to discuss their recruitment challenges. Read on to hear their story.


How important are employees?

Wiseberry Enmore is a boutique real estate agency specialising in residential and commercial sales as well as property management. Having been in the industry for over 30 years now, Wiseberry Enmore has established a strong team culture that they plan to maintain as they expand and find new team members.

“I’ve heard this quoted over the years in seminars: in real estate sales, around 80% of people will leave within the first 12 months,” Peter Mitrovich, Wiseberry Enmore Sales Manager shares. “From my own experience, I know this is true, but our team’s growth is crucial to our market share growth in the area, so we want to move forward with the right people who stay longer than this.”

Having a small team with years of experience in the business, Wiseberry Enmore fully understands that sales is a challenging space and therefore requires the right people with the right attitude to thrive.

“Sales is not all glamour and fancy houses like we see on TV,” Peter says. “The competition is tough and with this kind of job, people are looking for credibility and experience. So, beyond the skills, a Sales Agent needs the resilience to deal with negativity and rejection.”

This makes hiring the right Sales Agents a really challenging process for the Wiseberry Enmore team.



Why is recruitment such a business challenge?

“Everyone says yes to sales… that they can do it,” Peter says, “but it takes a unique set of skills and a certain attitude to actually do it.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics places real estate services amongst the industries with the highest number of job mobility. By February 2022, 7.2% of real estate professionals had left the industry while the recorded new entrants into the industry was only 1.2%.

These numbers are already challenging for agencies like Wiseberry Enmore, and the quality of potential employers is still a factor that must be considered. As such, the team dedicates a lot of effort and resources to recruitment and onboarding.

“In the last 12 months, I have trained three people who decided, eventually, that sales wasn’t for them,” Peter admits. “Getting a real estate licence doesn’t really account for the day-to-day tasks of a Sales Agent. So, these people are technically qualified for the job, but it still takes time before they can competently deal with people on their own.”

The current recruitment process for Wiseberry Enmore involves writing a job ad, which is already a challenge in that it requires the team to differentiate their job role’s offering from so many others in the market.

“Then what happens is most applicants don’t even read the ads,” Peter shares, “we know this because most of the applications we get are from candidates who don’t match the specific requirements we put up.”

This process takes place around 3 to 4 times a year, each time costing the business up to $1500, along with the valuable time spent interviewing and assessing candidates.

There has to be a better way to recruit for Australian SMBs – and now there is.


The right solution for the right team

For a smaller business like Wiseberry Enmore, a tedious recruitment process is also often paired with extra hours to compensate for the missing person or people.

“I’m used to it but there are days when everyone’s out and about and you’re still running around trying to catch everything,” Peter shares. “Having the right team really is essential as it ensures that we can keep up and deliver the high-quality service that our clients deserve.”

This is why a proactive hiring solution like MPLOI is very appealing to a manager like Peter.

“From what I’ve heard about MPLOI, it’s just like social media but dedicated to employment,” he adds. “We can jump on there and get to know more about potential employees the same way they can get to know more about us. This way, we can have a more open discussion and get a clearer mutual understanding that will help us make better decisions.”

MPLOI is specifically designed for businesses like Wiseberry Enmore which value staff retention and are concerned about finding the right people, without losing resources and costing the business in the process.

“What I’m excited the most about MPLOI is that I can keep my finger on pulse, be more proactive and save that downtime in between losing a Sales Agent and looking for the next one,” Peter says, “it’s quick, convenient and cost-effective – just like connecting with a friend on Facebook!”

For businesses like Wiseberry Enmore, every member of the team is crucial to business growth. With a good culture and a collaborative internal environment, it’s important for the team to find the right match who can help maintain a healthy working environment.

“We have a great foundation to grow and retain loyal long-term clients. We’re just looking for people who can match our culture and work ethics,” he ends.



What is MPLOI?

MPLOI is an innovative employment app that matches like-minded employers and potential employees based on similar values, qualities and skills through a career alignment algorithm.

With MPLOI’s modern approach to proactive recruitment, we empower job seekers and business owners to forge genuine connections so businesses can build a team with people who wanted to be there instead of those who just had to be there.

This recruitment platform gives you instant access to a plethora of potential employees offering the ultimate stress-free recruitment solution for business owners like you.

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