How a Small Marketing Agency Grows their Team

Recruitment Experiences of Melotti Media – Employing in today’s New Norm

In business, good people are pure power.

Whether you’re managing a small business, leading a large corporate enterprise or launching a start-up company, hiring the right people should always be one of your top priorities.

However, the pandemic completely changed the way people view jobs and significantly shifted workforce preferences. As such, business owners need to adapt to these changes and adopt a more proactive approach to recruitment and hiring.


Let’s hear from Australian business owners directly

So, to understand how businesses are responding to changes in the employment landscape, we are interviewing business owners and asking them to share real experiences that will help us understand how employment and recruitment work today.

In our previous interview article, we talked to Clark Estate Agents, the real estate agency that fuelled the creation of MPLOI, and their actual employment struggles. In this blog, we talked with the Sydney Copywriting team, Melotti Media, about their employment and recruitment status.

Read on to hear their story.


How important are employees?

Melotti Media is a copywriting agency based in Sydney with a team spread across two offices. Being a relatively small business, they understand that having the right people is crucial when it comes to delivering quality services to their clients.

“We take staff retention extremely seriously at Melotti Media,” Melotti Media Founder and CEO, Christopher Melotti says. “We have a diverse team and we look after them all very well because we value our strong culture. And since our business is continuously growing, we’re always open to expanding the team with that next great person – but we need to find them, first.”

Given how close their team is, it’s crucial to find people who share the same values and exhibit the same work ethic. As Melotti Media’s vision is to help brands make an impact and build customer loyalty, it is important to instil this attitude in the team first.

“We appreciate how important it is to have people who share our vision,” Melotti Media Operations Manager, Angela Melotti shares. “That’s why we’re so adamant about caring for each other, making sure that everyone feels nurtured and that there is consistent internal development. So, as we grow, we are always on the lookout for new people who can fit right in with us.”

This makes hiring a challenge for a small business like Melotti Media.


What is recruitment such a business challenge?

“Hiring quality copywriters today is so tough,” Christopher says, “it’s not just about putting an ad out and waiting for potential employees to come to you. In the past, what we had to do was guess our way through it – do thorough research and connect with copywriters on LinkedIn who may be a match.”

With nearly half a million job vacancies across Australia at any one time, Melotti Media has to compete with a highly competitive talent market to support their fast-growing business and find talented individuals who will align with their culture.

Unfortunately, the current employment market does not bode well for employers, as the number of job options encourage employees to be tempted with so many career alternatives. By February 2022, the Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded over 1.3 million people or 9.5% of all employees in Australia have changed jobs, making it the highest annual mobility rate since 2012.

“We know that, in order to expand our team, we need to look for candidates and connect before we even need them,” Christopher says.

“I manually search for potential hires on LinkedIn regularly,” Angela admits. “I try to connect with people, check what is happening out there and try to be proactive about the process instead of simply posting an ad and waiting for things to happen.”


A proactive solution for a proactive team

“Thankfully, Angela has been able to find us amazing team members through this method,” Christopher adds. “And we do this because we already know how competitive the job market is right now – if we only looked for new copywriters right when we needed them, I would have to work all those extra hours for months until we could fill the role.”

While Melotti Media already takes a smarter proactive approach to finding and connecting with talent, the manual work is still getting in the way of the business and making the hiring process a long and tedious process.

“While we’ve already found some of our team members through manual research and connections, the idea of a dedicated platform like MPLOI is very appealing to me” Angela shares. “Chris is already working late nights as is and knowing that the person who could help take some of that burden away is waiting in an app is very reassuring to us.”

In the business world where working smarter is key to business growth, MPLOI offers an opportunity for smaller teams like Melotti Media to be even more proactive with team growth and achieve their goals faster.


What is MPLOI?

MPLOI is an innovative employment app that matches like-minded employers and potential employees based on similar values, qualities and skills through a career alignment algorithm.

With MPLOI’s modern approach to proactive recruitment, we empower job seekers and business owners to forge genuine connections so businesses can build a team with people who wanted to be there instead of those who just had to be there.

This recruitment platform gives you instant access to a plethora of potential employees offering the ultimate stress-free recruitment solution for business owners like you.

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